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Date: 11-27-2020 to 11-29 2020

."we have DOUBLED the number of eggs you get from any egg purchase from the egg shop all weekend long! Enjoy twice the eggs while you can and get the eggclusive items you need, just in time for Eggsmas!"- The New Yolker Black Fryday Issue 2020. "

Black Fryday is an annual event in Shell Shockers where the number of Golden Eggs you can buy from a single purchase was doubled. This was based on Black Friday in real life, as many stores had significant deals. It took place from Black Friday to the next Sunday. A special issue of The New Yolker was released for the event. This event also took place in 2021, and 3 skins were released for the second half of November, from November 15th to December 1st. The 3 skins include 1 hat and 2 stamps. The hat was a pair of black glasses with dollar signs. The stamps were black eggs and black fries. Black Fryday starts on Thanksgiving and it ends on Cyber Monday.


Screenshot 2020-11-27 085049.png

This was how the Egg Shack looked like during Black Fryday. The Golden Eggs you can buy were doubled and the eggs themselves were black and still for the same price.

The glasses sold during Black Fryday

The black eggs sold during Black Fryday.

The Black Fries sold during Black Fryday.