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The Chicken Nugget was a power up available for free as a 1-hour version of the now-removed Golden Chicken. Activating it grants the user a VIP-type pass. The Chicken Nugget does not exist anymore. It was removed with the Golden Chicken and replaced by the VIP Club.

The Chicken Nugget will always come back, but you have to click it every hour to activate it. To activate it, you click the egg on screen a few times and when it cracks the 1 hour timer starts.

For the duration of the Chicken Nugget, the user is given access to more customizable eggshell colors; twice the amount of Golden Eggs per kill (twenty instead of ten); and the removal of advertisements.

In a match, players with the Chicken Nugget are identified with an egg icon next to their username in a server's user list.

Furthermore, during occasional events called Double Egg Weekends, the event boost combined with the Chicken Nugget provides 40 eggs per kill.

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