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The Christmas Event is a seasonal event in Shell Shockers that occurs every year during December in celebration of the winter holidays. During the event, limited-edition holiday-themed stamps, hats, and weapon skins are sold in the shop. This event comes in every year at the same time, although not all the skins are always brought back.

The event was first introduced in 2018, and it will return each year with the exception of 2019 which brought The Fall of Eggwalker event. In 2018, the event started on November 27th (when the Thanksgiving event occurred).

The following chart shows all the weapon skins during the Christmas event. They are all grey, black, and yellow. The yellow part looks like the tie on the top of most presents. The gray and black are arranged in a scarf-like pattern. All of the weapons skins cost 3000 Golden Eggs each.

The stamps include Rudolph's face, a gingerbread man and a skull with candy canes surrounding it. Hats are Santa's Hat, an Elf's Hat, and the antlers of a Reindeer.

Weapon Skins

Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons
Skin Image Skin Image
Christmas EggK-47
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100630.png
Christmas Cluck 9mm
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100642.png
Christmas Dozen Gauge
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100601.png
Christmas CSG-1
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100617.png
Christmas RPEGG
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100656.png
Christmas SMEGG
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100722.png
Christmas M2DZ
Screenshot 2020-12-12 100708.png