Shell Shockers Wiki
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Controls are the movement keys in the game, that can perform actions and movements.  In Shell Shockers, the format of the control is WASD/SHIFT, which is popular in browser-based FPS games. The controls in the game, by default, are:

  • WASD for movement
  • SPACE to jump/hop
  • SHIFT to aim
  • LEFT CLICK to fire
  • R to reload
  • E to swap weapon
  • Q for grenade (hold to throw farther)
  • Fire button to stop grenade
  • ENTER to open chat box and TAB to close chatbox (can be turned off)
  • E for up in spectating
  • C for down in spectating


The player can customize those controls in the game settings to their own liking. The control settings are in the second panel of the settings, and they can be altered in-game. The player presses the key they play with when in a certain control box.  Additionally, keys that are not used in the game can also be added as controls.