Shell Shockers Wiki


“Bolt Action Sniper - One-shot stopping power”

The Crackshot is a weapon class that is also known as the M2DZ or sniper. The M2DZ is a sniper rifle that holds one bullet in the chamber, with 20 additional ammo. Bullets from the M2DZ can often kill opponents in one shot; it is only non-fatal if the bullet skims the outside of the egg. If the bullet hits the center of the egg it will be a 100% one-shot kill. If your opponent has the hard boiled power up, you will have to hit real center or else the will only be damaged because they have x2 the health. This is the most commonly used gun in the whole game other than the shotgun.

The Crackshot is a multi-purpose weapon, so it is also a popular weapon with ground dwellers, who can use it to one-shot enemies in alleys, tunnels, structures, corners, and trees. It works just fine in close-range, though. It has an advantage over the Whipper and EggK-47, as even if users of those weapons trail you, you can quickly turn around and one-shot them. Also, if you are having trouble shaking off an opponent or have low health, you can climb up to the top of a ladder and guard the ladder and chuck a grenade. Make sure they don’t come up another way since then they've outsmarted you and you will probably die.

Bullet Capacity

Bullets After Reload: 1
Maximum Bullet Storage: 20

Gameplay Tips

  • The cover is your friend. Crackshots, and any sniper for that matter, are used best at long range and under secure cover.
  • You can hit Free Rangers, but you can't outsmart them, as they will just click twice when you are still. Try to move erratically so they cannot hit with precision. If it’s too hard, use grenades and never ever walk in a straight line.
  • Have a buddy near you. This is only applicable for team modes. You can deal with a few enemies, but the last thing you want is to be teamed. Have a buddy near you with a close-quarters weapon to deal with flankers, as this weapon is harder to use in close-quarters.
  • Try not to jump right before shooting, as this will greatly decrease the accuracy of your shot.
  • Be wary of different melee combatants since they can kill you easily.
  • You don’t have to wait until your crosshairs are completely in the middle. You just have to make it go on your opponent and the rest is luck.
  • There is also a glitch where you have infinite bullets. Though I’m not telling how to do it as that is cheating.