"In an aggressive takeover move that would make their own mothers wince, ownership of Shell Shockers, the New Yolker, and all Shell Assets now falls under the EGG ORG umbrella. With it's global infrastructure, they can offer all eggs a unique opportunity to be part of their conglomerate super-giant family and life changing product lines! Starting with their new map 'BioHazard' and our EGGsclusive stamp in the store. Trust them, they know what's best for you."

―Corporate memo[src]

EGG ORG is an organization that was part of an April Fools' joke in 2020. It was announced on April Fools' Day that the EGG ORG corporation had become the new owner of Shell Shockers and the new publisher of The New Yolker.[1] They had reportedly acquired these assets in "an aggressive takeover move" on the first of April. In the Blue Wizard Digital discord server, the "announcements" channel was temporarily renamed to "egg-org-decrees" on the same day.[1] The joke was also announced in Issue 16 of The New Yolker.

The EGG ORG stamp

During the event, an exclusive EGG ORG stamp was available in the Shop and can still be obtained by codes

This company also took control of Shell Shockers in April 2021, as stated in Issue 28 of The New Yolker. Two new stamps were released; the alien stamp and the BWD stamp with the eyes replaced with x's. They made fun of eggs called "Pablos", which are eggs that have the orange hat and smiley face stamp. They also got rid of the map Ruins. 2021 lasted longer than 2020. In 2021, EGG ORG was not defeated until April 15th. During does 15 days, the smiley face stamp was replaced with an angry one, and the orange hat was replaced with a black and red one.These were called Diablo skins. After EGG ORG was defeated, the Diablo skins were avaible, they just cost 100 Eggs, making them the cheapest item ever sold. Also, Grenades for both Pablo and Diablo were sold. EGG ORG HQ was removed, and Ruins was back, albeit a new map called Wreckage was made, which is basically EGG ORG HQ, just without the big EGG ORG in the middle.

Chronology of Announcements

From April 1 to April 3, information was posted daily on the Blue Wizard Digital discord server with news about EGG ORG. The memos are shown below, in order of when they were released:

April 1

Corporate Memo

Internal Memo

"The first day of our seizure of BWD assets has been a complete success that I think you can all be proud of. The mods have been asymilated into the mega-corp, the masses have been placated with free codes, and the shell creators safely locked up behind bars. Remember, reassure people we know what is best, that we do not act evil, and that our products are the best. Seed this information far and wide and most important of all, get them to wear the EGG ORG label. Soon we move to phase II."

April 2

Corporate Press Release

"We have become aware of people pointing out flaws in our FANTASTIC new map, Biohazard. This is hearsay and incorrect. You may have heard that facility the previous Shell Shockers staff are held in is actually a jail, these are the words of fools. There is idle chatter on discord that us, your kind benevolent overlords actually have sinister designs. This is flagrantly false! Please stop perverting our corporate image!"

April 3

Finally . . . It's over . . .

From the diary of Blue Wizard Digital 2020

"It didn’t take much for it to start - just an intern downloading the wrong email attachment, but on April 1st, once EGG ORG had their foot in the door of Blue Wizard Digital, they took control.

They immediately began winning over some of the Shell Shockers community. If it wasn’t for some of you who kept the faith in the Blue Wizards, we would have stayed in that jail. Several shell members found our location, smuggled in a laptop, a lifeline! From there, I mapped the prison and Slobodan was able to break the encryption on the jail cell doors. Using the specialties of all the wizards, we broke out of every corner of the prison and recovered control of the Shell Shockers servers.

Egg Org is gone for now, and it will take time to make things right.

Although we never uncovered what their Phase II plan was, the things they left behind show how sinister it was. They even managed to turn some of the community into corporate slaves with their rotten egg doctrines.

To commemorate this day we have made the new map Jailbreak available for private games and added some improvements to their broken and unusual map - Biohazard.

If you see a player with the EGG ORG stamp, just know they are a bad egg and deserve a cracking!"

— Wizard Support


April 1

"Last year our mistake was taking over the BWD headquarters. The office was full of Jason masks and smelled of eggs and we were eventually rebuffed... This year we have seized all digital assets, the server, the website, all of it! We still know what's best for all of Eggkind. The Wizards can't help you now..." - EGG ORG Spokesperson Shell Shockers Dictate - Effective immediately: No Smiling! All Pablos are banned. Diablo is better. Consume resources! Wear the new EGG ORG items, in-store now Ruins has been destroyed- replaced by EGG ORG HQ The EGGMAZING EGG ORG Stamp is once again in the shop! The BWD Discord is once again ours!

April 15

Pretending to be dead isn't easy :deadwizspin: We watched as EGG ORG greedily imposed their will on the Shell community, unable to assail the power of their EGG ORG HQ ... But when we saw what they had planned for our beloved Pablo :eggheart: :pablo: we hatched a plan... :hatching_chick:For now, things can begin to return to normal... but we fear what EGG ORG has planned next. Those jerks left behind a questionable Google search history and poor @:turtle: Wizbot twice the normal size, placated on lettuce and false promises... To celebrate the return to normal we are releasing both the :pablo: and :diablo: grenades, returning Pablo to inventory and releasing what is left of EGG ORG HQ as a new map, WRECKAGE in today's update. Ruins will be painstakingly rebuilt, EGG ORG stamps removed from the shop, but we will keep Diablo... we kinda like him.



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