Every so often, a special event takes place in Shell Shockers. An event is basically a special time period in Shell Shockers in which you can buy eggsclusive hats, stamps, and gun skins that you will not find in any other time of year. These events are usually based on a real-life event that happens around the same time.Also, events usually last one month.  There are usually 5-7 events per year; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 1-2 events in both the spring and the fall.  So far, the following events have occurred:

Show case art for the Fifth of November.

Event Around Time Of the Year
Halloween Event October
Thanksgiving Event November
Christmas Event December
New Year's Event January
Groundhog's Day Event February of Every Odd Year
Valentines Day
Saint Patrick's Day March
Easter April
February of Every Even Year
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