"Semi Automatic Sniper - Destroy from a distance"

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The Free Ranger is a weapons class that uses the CSG-1 gun. The CSG-1 is a sniper rifle, which, unlike the M2DZ, has 15 bullets in a magazine. The Free Ranger does less damage per shot than the Crackshot and has a slightly slower bullet speed. In update 0.39.2, the reload time and the fire rate were increased slightly.

The Free Ranger class is meant to be used for long-range combat. When aiming, the gun zooms in with a scope. This scope zooms in a further amount closer than when out of the scope, to aid in long-range shooting. It is usually used to get people low enough, however, if the shot is exactly in the center it can kill the person in one shot.

Gameplay Tips

  • Be aware of the map you are playing. This works best where there are high places or hidden spaces.
  • Use your semi-automatic fire to block any peepholes with your bullets.
  • Your reloads don't happen as often, but you need to conserve ammunition.
  • If you are hitting a moving target far away, try to time your shots.  Fire repeatedly just ahead of the egg, and some bullets will have a good chance of impact.
  • When dealing with Crackshot players, jump around and dodge the bullets. They only have one shot so when they are reloading kill them.
  • If a short-range weapon player comes to you climb to the top of a ladder and defend the ladder.


Free Ranger aiming with scope

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