Game mode dropdown menu

Different game modes can be selected in the Main Menu for joining public matches or creating private matches. Game modes can be also chosen when creating Private Servers. There are three game modes: Free For All, Teams, and Captula the Spatula. All have their unique features and common goals for each player. There is no way to possibly to win any of these game modes, but every players or every team's goal is to get the highest score for their team or themselves. During these gamemodes, you work to try and get more eggs to eventually get more items from the shop.

Free For All

This mode is every player for themselves. Everyone battles everyone else, with no team support. All the name tags and leaderboards are gray. This game mode has lots of competition; thus the maps are often large ones. In this game mode, you can attack and kill anyone. Often, people attempt to “team” where those teaming players do not kill each other.


Players are divided into two teams, red or blue. Each player's objective is to kill the other team, working together with teammates. Red teams have red-colored tags and their section of the leaderboard is red, while Blue teams have blue-colored tags and their section of the leader board is blue. In the main menu, players have the option to switch teams when they choose, at the expense of their streak. Players may only switch teams when the team in desire has fewer game members than the player's current team. In this game mode, teamwork is used extensively as each team member has the responsibility of killing opposing team members, while also protecting their teammates in the process.

Captula the Spatula

This game mode is based on capture-the-flag. It is team-based and it was added in update 0.18.1. There is a golden spatula that attaches to any player who touches it. If the player carrying the golden spatula is killed, the spatula is dropped and free to pick up by the next person who touches it. In this game mode, you must rely on teammates to capture the spatula, while killing any of those that guard it.

The golden spatula can be seen through walls and ceilings. The player who picks up the golden spatula will be targeted by the enemy team, as the golden spatula exposes the player's exact position. If a player wants to obtain a good kill streak, it is not recommended to take the golden spatula—they will be in constant danger. For example, if the player with the golden spatula is going around a corner, the enemy team will see them and can easily make a surprise attack.

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