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The Golden Chicken was an in-game powerup available for real-money purchase. It could be purchased for $9.99 USD. Buying it granted the user a VIP-type pass that lasts for 30 days. Alternatively for free, users can try a smaller version of the Golden Chicken named the Chicken Nugget for 1 hour free. It was available from January 2019 to November 2020 so now you can't get it.

For the duration of the Golden Chicken, the user was given access to more customizable eggshell colors; twice the amount of Golden Eggs per kill (twenty instead of ten, if on Double Egg Weekends it will be 40 eggs per kill); and the removal of advertisements.

Players with the Golden Chicken were identified with an egg icon next to their username in a server's user list.

This is not available any more as the Golden Chicken got swapped out for the VIP club so there is no free VIP stuff.

Golden Chicken.png