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Golden Eggs are the currency of Shell Shockers. Players can use Golden Eggs to buy hats, stamps, gun skins, and gGrenade Skinsskins in the shop. They are earned by getting kills in online matches. Ten Golden Eggs are given for each kill. In the shop, items for sale can cost anywhere from 200 to 100000 Golden Eggs.

If the player is a VIP member, he/she will receive twenty golden eggs for each kill, instead of ten.

X2 Weekend - On now.png

Occasionally, there are x2 Golden Egg events, or "Double Egg Weekends",[1] in which the eggs per kill are doubled for all players. This multiplier stacks with VIP if they are active for a player.[2]

The player gets 10 eggs per kill , 20 eggs with double multiplier, and 40 with double and multiplier and being a VIP Club member.

Golden Eggs can also be purchased with real money via the Egg Shack, and occasional sales will be held, such as the Black Fryday 2x egg special.



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