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The grenade is a weapon in Shell Shockers. All classes have it equipped along with their primary and secondary weapons. The grenade is in its own category; it is not considered to be a primary or secondary weapon. In January 2021, the grenade became customizable with weapon skins from the shop.

In a game, grenades can be picked up on the ground. They spawn regularly around the map in the way that ammo cartons do. When a player walks over it, the grenade is picked up automatically and a slot in the grenade bar will be filled. A maximum of three grenades can be held at a time.

You can throw a grenade by holding or pressing the 'Q' key (The keybind can be changed in the game settings).

Holding down the grenade button will throw the grenade farther. To cancel a grenade throw, press the fire button. A grenade will explode three seconds after it is thrown, making the sound of a chicken clucking until it detonates with a loud 'squawk' like a chicken. Players near the explosion will be either killed or damaged, depending on how close they were, and the amount of health they had. Players like to use it when the enemy to too far or is damaged so they can finish them off without having to directly combat them.

For people in the VIP Club, grenades can be customized to have special particle effects above the explosion instead of plain black smoke.

The color of a grenade right before detonation depends on the game mode. In Free For All, it is yellow. In the Teams and Captula the Spatula modes, the grenade is the same color as the team the thrower is on. For instance, a player's grenade on the red team would be red before detonation. You can be harmed or killed with your own grenade in all three modes. In Teams and Captula the Spatula, the grenade cannot kill people on your team.

Grenade Stats



These are a brief explaination about all the grenade skins available in Shell Shockers (Updating)
Name Image How To Obtain Notes
Default Grenade Defult.png Free Can have this without an account
Cheap Wings Grenade Cheap Wing.png 2000 Eggs Available in Shop
Pink Bear Grenade Pink Bear.png 5000 Eggs Available in Shop
Rainbow Grenade Rainbow.png 10000 Eggs Available in Shop
Steampunk Grenade Steampunk.png 10000 Eggs Available in Shop
Birthday Grenade Birthday.png 7500 Eggs Available in Shop
Nuke Zone Grenade Nuke Zone.png 7500 Eggs Available in Shop
Snake Grenade Snake.png 100000 Eggs Available in Shop
RaidLand Grenade Raidland.png 6500 Eggs Available in Shop
Rotten Egg Grenade Rotten Eggs.png 7500 Eggs Available in Shop
Albino Grenade Image Not


Code-Exclusive You get this item by winning a giveaway.
Holy Hand Grenade Image Not


VIP-Exclusive Added in February 2021 for VIP members only
Groundhog's Day Grenade Groundhogs.png 3000 Eggs February 2021 exclusive.
Screenshot 2021-03-27 095138.png
$10 Was only obtainable for the 1st half of March 2021
St. Patrick's Day Grenade St Patricks Day.png 3000 Eggs March 2021 exclusive

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