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The Halloween Event is a seasonal event in Shell Shockers that occurs every year in October in celebration of the holiday Halloween. During the event, limited-edition spooky-themed stamps, hats, and weapon skins are sold in the shop to celebrate Halloween. During this time, the map 'Haunted' is also added to the public map pool. This event comes in every year at the same time, although not all the skins are always brought back.

The event was first introduced in 2018, and it returned in 2019. In 2018, the event started on October 16 and ended on November 1st.[1] In 2019, it started in the beginning of October and ended on November 1st.


  1. โ†‘ Twitter favicon.png @eggcombat on Twitter:
    "Halloween items are here... for a limited time! On Nov 1 they go back in THE VAULT!"

Weapon Skins within the event:

Hats within the event: