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The Manual of Style is an important document which describes the way that an article should be written on the wiki. For other policies, see Wiki Policies.

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Recommended Settings for Editing

Recommended editing settings (Click to enlarge image)

Before you begin editing, you should change these settings on the Preferences page.

Go to Preferences and click on the "Editing" section.
Important: Click on the "preferred editor" dropdown menu and select the "Source Editor" option.
(The only time you might switch back to Visual or Classic Editor is with tables)
Optional: Check the option that says "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary". This will encourage you to make an edit summary, which is useful to explain your edit.

Creating an Article

  1. When creating an article, think about the following:
    • Is the topic relevant?
    • Does this topic need its own page? Is it better to add the information to an already-existing page?
      For example, information about "Keybinds" does not need its own page, it can be added to the "Settings" page.
    • Do not create a page about a topic like "gameplay tactics" or "how to reduce lag." The wiki should be like an encyclopedia rather than a how-to guide.
  2. Since items in the Shop and Inventory aren't given official names in the menus, most of these items should not be given their own page. An item should only have its own page if Blue Wizard Digital has officially stated the item's name. (for instance, in The New Yolker, they always provide a name for the subscription item)
  3. Articles which do not meet the above standards will be marked for deletion (or sometimes redirected to a blog post).

Writing an Article

  1. When writing an article, follow these formats.
  2. All articles must be written from a neutral point of view.
  3. Remember to use links in your information.
  4. American English is the preferred language of this wiki. In terms of other languages, a Spanish wiki is planned.
  5. Information in an article should never be copied and pasted; that is plagiarism. The only exception is in the case of a direct quote, in which case you should use a quote template.

Sourcing Your Information

  1. When possible, use references ("<ref>") to cite any information.
  2. Speculation (unverified information, or guesswork) in articles is frowned upon. Whatever is written should be attributed to a reliable source. Unverified information which is deemed to be speculation will be removed.

Title Capitalization

  1. Article titles should be written in sentence case. This means that the first word should be capitalized, and the subsequent words should be lowercase. However, if the article is about a proper noun, title case should be used.
  2. Headings of sections in an article should be written in title case.
  3. Categories, however, should always be titled with sentence case.


  1. Types of in-game items (Hats, Stamps, and Weapon Skins) should always be capitalized. They are considered proper nouns.
  2. The names of different weapons and classes should be capitalized. (for instance, Grenade, Whipper, and EggK-47).


  1. Every page should be categorized based on what the topic is. For instance, the Chef's Hat page should be categorized in the "Hats" category and nothing more.
  2. Certain categories, such as the Stub category, should only be added with a template. Use the {{Stub}} template for stubs.
  3. Do not spam a page's categories with anything loosely related to the topic.

Other Guidelines

  1. American English is preferred over British or Australian spelling.
  2. Dates should be written in the American format ("Month Day, Year") when written in an article. Ordinals, such as "1st", "2nd", and "3rd" should be avoided. <example>