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The To-Do List is a dynamic catalog of what needs to be improved and worked on in the wiki. Consult this list if you need help finding things to help out with.

The lists should be sorted by priority, with the most-urgent and most-worked on projects first on the lists and less-urgent projects. farther down the lists. Cross out completed projects using "<s>" and "</s>" in the source editor.

Use the ListSign template to credit the editor(s) who worked on or are working on the task. For instance, if your name is abc123, you type this in the source editor:

You can add multiple users to one template:


Standard Priorities

Anyone can help with the following tasks, as long as you know what you're doing. Difficulty levels are provided, if you are a newer editor start out with the "Simple" section.


  1. Make sure all Hats, Stamps, and Weapon Skins in the game are listed in those articles
  2. Make sure all articles adhere to the Manual of Style.[ComicalNinja]
  1. Make sure all grammar is correct (if the game devs use the grammar like if they donโ€™t put a full stop or comma you donโ€™t if you are writing about a version update.)
  2. (More tasks will be added soon)


  1. Merge Classes and Weapons pages because they're not individual things anymore
  2. Add item icons to pages that list the items (being worked on)[ROBOTVED, Newton4381]
- try and use the current format of Stamp/Hat/Weapon Skin images.
  1. Create formatted pages for all of the Maps pages with the correct images, templates [Helloworld069]
  1. Create formatted pages for all of the New Yolker reward items. (For the format, see Chef's Hat and Santa's Beard)[ComicalNinja]
  1. Make sure that all articles are up to date, and add articles that need to be added.


  1. Categorize images into appropriate categories. (ASK ADMINISTRATION BEFORE ATTEMPTING)

Administrative Priorities

Only Content Moderators and Admins should be concerned with the following.

  1. Complete and organize the Help pages (such as this one)
// Needs to be improved
// Needs to be improved
// Needs more tasks
  1. Design a wiki welcome image to replace the current "Welcome to the Shell Shockers Wiki!" text on the homepage[ComicalNinja]