Shell Shockers Wiki

This page outlines the official policies of the wiki. These include rules, instructions, and guidelines. Breaking any one of these rules can result in a warning, temporary blocking, or in the most severe cases, permanent banning.

To discuss the Wiki Policies or suggest improvements, go to the talk page.

General Rules

  1. Always be civil to your fellow editors and be welcoming to new contributors.
  2. Personal attacks are punishable by blocking or banning.
  3. There is zero tolerance for discrimination of any type.
  4. No advertising for anything, unless it is directly related to Shell Shockers. This also includes advertising for any other wikis.
  5. If you have a problem with someone on the wiki, report it here.
  6. Wiki staff are to be listened to and respected. If they break a wiki rule, tell a higher-up staff member.
  7. Additionally, wiki staff have the capacity to use common sense to punish clear misdeeds, even if there's no rule against that particular thing yet.

Guidelines for Wiki Editing

  1. Everything on articles must be written without bias. (Except for "Tips" sections which can be subjective advice.)
  2. Do not upload others' content without permission. This includes both writing and media. However, official content related to Shell Shockers may be uploaded freely if it comes directly from Blue Wizard Digital.
  3. Every article on the wiki should be sorted into one or more appropriate categories.
  4. Disruptive editors will be warned, then blocked if they continue to be disruptive.
  5. Vandalism on the wiki is punishable by immediate ban.
  6. If you want to make huge changes across the wiki, such as changing the category structure, revising many pages' categories, or reformatting many pages, make sure you let a wiki admin know beforehand so they can approve your idea.
    • This will make sure that nobody has to clean up after you if your edits were counterproductive.
  7. Refer to the Manual of Style for more detailed editing guidelines.

User Pages, Threads, and Article Comments

  1. The editing of others' user pages is prohibited.
  2. A user's Message Wall is an archive of permanent data. The data may not be tampered with or deleted, except if a message breaks one of the General Rules stated above.
  3. Do not add a reply to a thread which is more than two weeks old.
  4. Article comments may be deleted if:
    • They insult or make fun of others
    • They have excessive profanity
    • They don't contribute to the discussion
    • They are nonsense

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. With a few exceptions, wiki staff are bound to the same rules as everyone else. They will be held responsible for breaking any of the above rules. For certain rules, however, the consequences will be different.
  2. Failure to use administrative privileges responsibly can and will result in a demotion.
  3. Administrators and Content Moderators should not delete anything on the wiki without providing an acceptable reason in the summary (unless it is self-explanatory).
  4. If an administrator or content moderator is inactive for over two months, without giving an inactivity notice, they will be retired.

Other Rules

  • Gaming the achievements system (spamming edits that don't add anything useful to the page or should be made together as one edit) is strictly frowned upon and can result in a warning, blocking or ban.
    • Besides flooding page histories and making it hard for your edits to be checked through, it's just straight-up dishonest and obnoxious. Please don't do it.
  • The rules for the Discord server are separate. Refer to the #rules channel of the server to see them.