Shell Shockers Wiki

Power-ups were introduced in August 2020. (Version 0.28.1) There are currently only two power-ups, Hard Boiled and Egg Breaker. These power-ups occur on 5 Kill Streak for Hard Boiled, and 10 Kill Streak for Egg Breaker. These power-ups were introduced at the same time as a new User Interface update which was later reverted because of making players lag. Both of these power ups can only be gained once per life. If the player switches teams at 4 kill streak the next kill he makes he will get the Hard Boiled effect even though he only has one kill for that team. This also works for Egg Breaker and it doesn’t matter how many kills you have on the other team before switching. If you don’t die, it adds up.

Hard Boiled


You get the Hard Boiled per at a 5 killstreak. You used to be able to get the power-up rarely when only at a 3 kill streak and the lower your health was the more likely that you do. When you get the power up a power up or 'woohoohoo' sound is made and when you lose it there is a degrading sound. Your character sparkles when you have the effect. The shield gives you 100 more health and which not regain. The Healthmeter changes too. It becomes a blue shield. Your health is how full your shield is. After some damage, it goes back to the regular circular Health meter. One special thing you have when you have this power up is that if you shoot the Cluck 9mm the bullet sound changes to a sparking sound.

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 1.56.24 PM.png

Egg Breaker

When you get a 10-kill streak, you get a power-up called "Egg Breaker" which makes you deal double damage. The power-up intially lasts 15 seconds but increases by 3 seconds each time you get a kill. Your character flashes red. When having this power-up just make sure your bullet hits your opponent because you will be dealing a ton of damage even if it’s on the very edge of the egg.

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