Shell Shockers Wiki

Click on these buttons in the main menu to create/join private games

When you create a private match, this screen will pop up and show you the invite code

Private games are another way to participate in games of Shell Shockers. Anyone can create a private game. Upon creating the game, an invite code is shown to the creator of the private game which can be used to invite other players.

Private games can be used to create your own “scrims," as Shell League does. You can also use this feature to create your own modified events.

Creating a Game

In the main menu, navigate to the "Private Games" option on the left side of the screen. Click the "Create" button. You will then be able to choose the desired game mode, server, and map. While only some maps are in the map rotation for public games, all of them can be used in private games. It is currently impossible to make a public game.

Host Privileges

When you create a game, you are the host and have admin privileges. Host/admin privileges, currently, cannot to be transferred to another player.

To see special admin options, click on the player you want to mute/remove. Then you have two options: mute, which will prevent you seeing their chat messages and their in-game name will be changed to a generated username; and boot, which will kick the player selected. After you have pressed “boot", that player will be kicked with a message on their screen saying, "you cannot join this game, you probably know why". They will not have the permission to rejoin. However, several exploits exist to rejoin a private game which you have been booted from.

If you leave the game as a host and then rejoin, you will no longer be the host so you won't be able to kick other people. The privilege does not go to another player. Instead, no one will be the admin, therefore no one will be able to kick other players.

Inviting Friends to a Game

To invite a friend to a public or private game you're in, click on this button

This works in all games, private or public. When you're in the spawn menu of a game, click on the invite user button on the top right, copy the link and send it to someone you want to join the game. You can also just tell them the code instead. The code is a long series of numbers and letters at the end of the link (after the hashtag).

Joining a Game

In the main menu, navigate to the "Private Games" option on the left side of the screen. Click the "Join" button. You will then see a pop-up titled 'Join game'. You then have to paste the game code you got from the host of the map, either only the code (eg. HJD92JA0K3M10), the code with the hashtag (eg. #HJD92JA0K3M10) or the entire game link (eg. Then you click 'confirm'.