A code is a list of letters and numbers that are used to get the most exclusive items in Shell Shockers. Codes usually have 10-12 letters. There is a "Redeem Code" button in the Inventory screen in which players can redeem codes which they received in issues of The New Yolker or any other ways of getting codes such as Blue Wizard Digital giveaways. Once the code is redeemed, it cannot be used again and the item redeemed will show in your Inventory.

How to Redeem a Code

Redeeming a code is a fairly accessible process. To redeem a code, firstly, you must be in the Shell Shockers main menu. At the bottom (of the main menu), the orange Inventory button is present, where you access your Weapon Skins, Stamps, and Hats. Under the left side panel that shows the items which your avatar is equipped with, there is a "Redeem Code" button. Pressing on the button causes a pop-up window to appear. In the middle of the window, there is an "Enter Item Code" field. Enter your code into there, and then press the green "Confirm" button. Now your item is unlocked! Since a code can only be redeemed once, code begging doesn’t work.

Redeem Code.jpg

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