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A code is a list of uppercase letters and numbers that are used to get, in some cases, the most exclusive items in Shell Shockers. They are considered exclusive because codes are not exactly available to everyone, unlike items in the shop. Codes usually have 10-12 characters. There is a "Redeem Code" button on the bottom of the Inventory screen in which players can redeem codes. Different methods exist in attaining codes, a popular ones are The New Yolker and Blue Wizard Digital giveaways. Blue Wizard Digital giveaways amass their popularity from their dependability. Item codes can also be won from placing first, second, or third in Blue Wizard Digital Discord competitions. Once the code is redeemed, it cannot be used again and the item redeemed will show in your Inventory. If you try to redeem a used code, a message wil pop up saying "That code has already been used!" However, there have been claims of codes that are re-usable. None of them are proven. There is one code, D3LL0RKC1R, that will display a scene from Rick Astley's pop song, "Never Gonna Give You Up" when redeemed. Also, in the Timetwist update, there was a temporary redeem code "3851" that showed how Pablo defeated Egg Org.

How to Redeem a Code

Redeeming a code is a fairly accessible process. To redeem a code, navigate to the Shell Shockers main menu. At the bottom (of the main menu), the orange Inventory button is present, where you access your Weapon Skins, Stamps, and Hats. Under the left side panel that shows the items which your avatar is equipped with, there is a "Redeem Code" button. Pressing on the button causes a pop-up window to appear. In the middle of the window, there is an "Enter Item Code" field. Enter your code into there, and then press the green "Confirm" button. If your code is valid, you would see an image of the item you claimed and the item would appear in your inventory. If your code is not available it will say. โ€œDid ya type it right?โ€

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