"2 shots - Shotgun blasts do critical damage up close"


The Scrambler was a weapons class that used the Dozen Gauge gun. It was the one and only shotgun-type class. The Dozen Gauge was a double-barrel shotgun that shot one out of each barrel before reloading (now called the Scrambler). This class was generally meant for close-range combat. When aiming, the gun zoomed in without a scope.

The Scrambler can eliminate opponents with a single shot at proximity. It has two shots (one from each barrel) before reloading. It has a 24 bullet capacity and receives a lot of ammo when picking up a ammo box.

Gameplay Tips

  • Since the Scrambler is short-range, a more helpful idea is to get close to opponents before attacking. Never go for long-range shots unless your opponent is on low health.
  • Because of the spray of the bullets, it is helpful to jump around while firing at an opponent. A clear, spot-on shot is not necessarily needed as long as the gun is aimed in the relative direction of the opponent.
  • Using this strategy, a Scrambler's opponents will have a hard time landing a shot while the Scrambler sprays bullets repeatedly.
  • Reload! This goes to all classes but especially Scrambler because it only has two shots. When you have shot one bullet reload because if it only has one shot you could get yourself killed.
  • Be extra careful with dodging bullets and jumping around during your reload interval. A skilled enemy can utilize this period of time where you cannot output damage to their advantage, possibly killing you.
  • When unsure how to dodge an enemy's attack, the last resort would be running straight toward the opponent till both of your eggs overlap. Since eggs pass through each over without collision, you can, hopefully, confuse the enemy with your risky maneuver, arrive at their blind spot, and get two clean shots in.
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