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The settings are the menu in which players can personalize their gameplay and change certain features to their preferences. The settings can be accessed and changed in the lobby, or in the spawn menu during a match. There are three tabs of settings.


The first and second tabs revolve around keybinds, which allow the player to change the controls by setting certain actions to certain keys. For example, the player may choose to bind the "grenade throw" key to G instead of Q. Also, in this submenu players can customize their sensitivity and invert the mouse.

While the first tab affects PC controls, the second tab allows players to set keybinds for XBOX or PS4 controllers.


The third tab is the gameplay and interference options. Players can select the "safe usernames" option, which changes all player names in a match to default, randomly generated usernames such as "ShellPro56". Another setting, the graphics box, gives the player the ability to select the high resolution, shadow renders, auto detail and turn on or off music. They can also adjust the mouse speed, which is how fast the mouse can move. A 0 mouse speed means that the mouse will not move. Around 60 is the best for new players.