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"Reminding all our egg-straordinary fans out there to STAY SAFE! Avoid crowds, stay home whenever possible, and WASH YOUR HANDS! (We're not yolkin' around, here!)

(And we're releasing some brand new items in the Shell Shockers shop so you can keep your eggs safe, too!)"

—@eggcombat on Twitter

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This wiki is an egg-cracking community revolving around the popular game Shell Shockers. The wiki was founded on September 22, 2018 and is still thriving today! We're currently maintaining 169 pages. However, we're missing some content. Help us out by editing and adding new pages!

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What is Shell Shockers?

"A Browser-based First Person Egger. Over 29 million served (over easy)."

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Shell Shockers is a popular online browser-based FPS game in which players are given cartoonish weapons and pitted against each other in a variety of maps. And there's a twist — everyone plays as an egg! Choose from six playable classes to blow your opponents out of the frying pan!

The game is developed by Blue Wizard Digital. It is playable on the PC in any browser at https://shellshock.io or https://eggcombat.com.
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Robertoiglesias Robertoiglesias 29 days ago

My top 10 favorite Shell Shockers maps

Here's my list for my top 10 favorite Shell Shockers maps:

10. Shellville

9. Moonbase

8. Temple

7. Shipyard

6. Ruins

5. Jailbreak

4. Haunted

3. Fort Flip

2. Dirt

1. Two Towers

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Knowledgecafe Knowledgecafe 23 February

Shell Shockers Codes 2021

A Couple of Words and phrases regarding Shell Shockers

Just before diving in to particulars about our Shell Shockers codes variety, allow us to quickly see exactly what this specific game is all about.

Shell Shockers is really a multi-player first-person-shooter game offering egg character types. Ins…

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GameboyGaming pg3d GameboyGaming pg3d 19 February

Free items

Blue wizard digital has created many games. They also have free items. (means no giveaway, no need to buy :D) 1. Merczone suit: go play merczone, get 50 kills. (there are 3 suits; 50 kills for black suit, 100 kills for red suit, and 150 kills for purple suit) 2. wand pistol: Go to castle cc, go to…

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Shell Shockers icon.pngEGG ORG Giveaway!

IMPORTANT: In the wiki discord server, we're currently having a MASSIVE giveaway with SIXTEEN winners for EGG ORG Stamps! Blue Wizard Digital has been nice enough to sponsor the giveaway and make a bunch of codes for us! Since there are so many codes, this giveaway is open to EVERYBODY, not just editors!

So what are you waiting for?! Join the server with this link!

The giveaway ends on April 9.
Shell Shockers icon.pngDiscord Server

In the Discord server, we occasionally hold giveaways with codes. Join using the "Connect" button below!

If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.
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Before you contribute to the wiki, read this!

Please take five minutes to read the Manual of Style and also the Wiki Policies page. These explain how to edit pages and describe the rules of the wiki, respectively. You can always access these pages in the "On the Wiki" dropdown menu in the wiki navigation bar.

Fun fact: In November 2020, Blue Wizard Digital, the developers of the game, endorsed us as the official wiki for Shell Shockers!

One more thing—there's a Shell Shockers Wiki discord server! In the server, we will host giveaways each month which give in-game codes used to unlock items. The codes will be from the New Yolker. In order to join the server, click the "Connect" button in the Discord module above.

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Since March 10, 2021, guest edits have been disabled again, for good. There has been simply too much vandalism from guests. Remember, if you want to contribute, all you have to do is make an account. Happy editing!


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