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This wiki is an egg-cracking community revolving around the popular game Shell Shockers. The wiki was founded on September 22, 2018 and is still thriving today! We're currently maintaining 397 pages. However, we're missing some content. Help us out by editing and adding new pages!

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What is Shell Shockers?

"A Browser-based First Person Egger. Over 29 million served (over easy)."

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Shell Shockers is a popular online browser-based FPS game in which players battle against each other with cartoonish weapons in a variety of maps, with a twist — everyone plays as an egg! Equip your egg with stamps and hats, and choose from seven playable weapons classes to blow your opponents out of the frying pan!

The game is developed by Blue Wizard Digital. It is playable on the PC in any browser at,, or
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One more thing—there's a Shell Shockers Wiki discord server! In the server, we will host giveaways frequently which give in-game codes used to unlock items. In order to join the server, click the "Connect" button in the Discord module above.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Direct them here or in the Discord server.
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  • Created: September 22, 2018
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This Shell Shockers Wiki was created in 2018 by a user named Bronze Bacon. In November 2019, it was adopted by ComicalNinja. By November 2020, Blue Wizard Digital endorsed us as the official wiki for Shell Shockers!
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