Hats for sale in the shop.

See also: Inventory

The Shop is a menu accessible in the lobby and in-game. This is where Hats, Stamps, and Weapon Skins can be purchased using Golden Eggs. The Shop menu is accessible in the top corner of the lobby, signified by an egg in a shopping cart. The Shop can also be found in another tab when in the Inventory. Things bought at the shop and worn can give your wealth, status, or skill impression in the game.

Weapon Skins are add-ons and paint jobs for your weapon. This customization does not affect your weapon's performance. More expensive weapon skins can be used as a symbol of wealth or status to others, so it is ideal to invest in such things.

Hats are accessories that are worn on your avatar's "head." These hats also do not hinder or enhance your performance and are inexpensive ways to customize your egg. Like the weapon skins, they can be used as a symbol of wealth or status to others.

Stamps are symbols or images added to your egg's skin. Many of the images are eggs or egg-related. These are also an inexpensive way to convey your status.

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