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The Thanksgiving Event is a seasonal event in Shell Shockers that occurs every year in November in celebration of the holiday Thanksgiving. During the event, limited-edition turkey-themed stamps, hats, and weapon skins are on sale in the shop to celebrate Thanksgiving. This event comes in every year at the same time, although not all the skins are always brought back. In November of 2020, a new map named Haunted was added to the public map pool. It is still accessible but is in the private map pool.

The event was first introduced in 2018 and will continue to return each year. In 2018, the event started near the beginning of November and ended on November 26th. In 2019, the event started on November 1 and ended on November 28th.

The hats on sale include a Pilgrim's Hat, a cooked turkey, and a live turkey. The stamps include a tukey's hand, face, and chicken drumsticks with a skull in between. The gun skins are all brown with the end being red. These are the colors of the turkey. The body is brown and the neck is red.

All the gun skins cost 3000 Golden Eggs. The hats and stamps are sold in 500, 1000, and 2000 Golden Eggs in ascending order.

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Weapon Skins

Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons
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