Shell Shockers Wiki

Two Towers is a map in Shell Shockers. It can hold up to 18 players and was moved to the private map pool in Version 0.27.8. It was moved back the public map pool is Version 0.28.2, and back to the private map pool in Version 0.38. It was added back the public map pool in Version 0.39.5 and added back to the private map pool in Version 0.40.1.


The map has two towers (duh), and inside the two towers are lots and lots of floors. There is a big tower and a small tower right next to it. There is a spot where you can jump between these two towers. You can jump from the fifth floor of the small tower (top floor), to the sixth floor of the big tower. There are a lot of half floors that were not included so the real number of floors could be way higher than six or four.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is where many players spawn and some battles take part here. It's the only floor with grass on it. You can walk around the map for around two thirds on the ground floor. You can walk on the first floor to the other teams base to not get spotted that easily.

Second Floor

The second floor is a major connecting point between the towers. This is common place for battles to happen. There are 2 stairs on the red side and 2 stairs on the blue side that lead up to this floor. There is a because once players respawn they will probable make their way up the stairs and battle. Sometimes players will camp at the stairs so if your climbing up the stairs be aware that you could we sniped. The danger is that there might be players in higher up floors that you have not spotted and they could snipe you from far away like there is a balcony area near red area. Most players donโ€™t even look up when climbing the stairs. In the middle, there is a ladder on one side, and stairs leading to the blue side on the other. The stairs area is a good place to run to as there is two areas to defend. First, you can throw a grenade at the foot of the stairs, the at the door leading in to the grass field.

Third Floor

The third floor connects the two towers by a walkable bridge. If you are playing in Capture The Spatula or Teams mode and you are in the blue team, you can get to the third floor and snipe or use Eggsploder from above and shoot the area where the red team will make their way up to the second floor. This is also the floor of a staircase that raps around the tower and leads all the way up to the top floor.

Big Tower

The bigger of the two towers has seven floors. If you are playing in Capture The Spatula or Teams mode the red team will spawn on a part of the ground floor but there is a chance that red team can spawn higher up in the tower. Blue will spawn on the other side on the ground floor and also has a chance of spawning higher up.

Big Tower Balcony

In between the second and third floors, there is a balcony outside on the red side. It is right above the ground floor. Blue player can kill with a long-range gun as players wonโ€™t expect you to be there.

Big Tower Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is a narrow hallway with 2 ladders. One ladder leads to the third floor, and the other one leads to the fifth floor. Red can sometimes spawn here.

Big Tower Fifth Floor

The fifth floor is a small square with a hole in the middle, as well as a balcony outside that players from the small towers top floor can jump to. There is also a ladder on the side that leads to the rooftop. This can be a spot to camp the ladder.

Big Tower Sixth Floor/Rooftop

The top floor is a fairly small platform for players to snipe the players below them. If you are playing in Capture The Spatula mode and you are holding the spatula this is a great place for you and your teammates to remain the spatula under your teams control. If camping here, check the stairs always and you can throw grenades down.

Small Tower

The smaller tower of the two towers has five floors. The top floor is a connection jump between the two towers. If you are playing in Capture The Spatula or Teams mode the blue team will spawn at the ground floor of the small tower.

Small Tower floors three, four, and five

At floor three is the foot of the tower, at the back is an area leading to blue spawn point. Ammo generates here. Floors four and five are just floors wrapping to the top floor. Ammo generates in the tower. Camping can be done here.

Small Tower Fifth Floor/Rooftop

The fourth floor is a small area with access to the top of the walls. There is also small boxes that can lead players to the balcony of the fifth floor on the big tower.

Gameplay Tips

  • Check the stairs when you are on the top of the map.
  • When at the top of the you could snipe or throw grenades down.
  • Be aware of your surroundings because players on top of you can snipe you.