Version 0.39.2 was a major update to Shell Shockers. It happened on February 16th. It featured a new gun, and already existing weapons were improved and the picking up ammo and grenade sound was changed. Here is a summary of updates.

-Try hard with the new TriHard burst rifle!

-Fixes to Ammo sychronization!

-Action queuing! Less button-smashing FTW!

-Egg is now poseable in menu when moused-over.

-Free Ranger fire rate increased slightly, full reaload slightly faster.

-Eggk-47 accuarcy increase, reload time decreased

-Whipper Clip size reduced to 40 rounds.

-Booted players now kept out of game

-Added Hazmatt and C4bra skins to the store

-Pixel Angel Wings added to the Egg Shack.

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