"Large Clip full of egg cracking bullets. Close to medium range"


The Whipper is a weapons class that uses the SMEGG gun. The SMEGG is a fully automatic submachine gun that can hold 40 bullets in the magazine and lets you carry up to 200 bullets additionally. Before update 0.39.2, the Whipper held 50 bullets per magazine.

The Whipper is an automatic gun. It has an extremely fast rate of fire and is mostly designed for close-quarters combat. It has a large clip combined with a high DPS ratio & dash; the fastest DPS in the game. The Whipper arguably has the lowest skill ceiling of any weapon, because of its rapid automatic firing, large magazine, and quick damage. When using the whipper, jump around aggressively to kill. Since it is pretty accurate you can move around a lot to dodge bullets. It is considered one of the most over powered guns once learned how to use. A tip with this weapon is moving erractially while reloading, As the Whipper has a long reload time, standing still will lead to your death. Also, try your best to avoid snipers. They can easily kill you. Also, never do all 40 bullets in one shot; you will waste time looking for ammo cartons, and people will make fun of you by calling you a spammer. Only shoot until the person is dead. Press R Afterwards, so you wont waste time looking for an ammo carton

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